Vediannabethi Chenduram 10 Gms


Irregular menstruation, Jaundice, Anemia .
Dosage:?100 to 200 mg twice daily with Honey. By taking this medicine in correct dosage and adjuvent it will cure Anaemia and Jaundice. This medicine is very famous for its diuretic and hepato protective action.
BENEFITS:?It helps to reduce irregular menstruation and jaundice. It is an effective medicine to treat all diseases. It is beneficial for the whole body, hair, and eyes.


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*Boosting immunity
*Improving digestion
*Relieving constipation
*Reducing cough and cold
*Treating anemia
*Improving skin health
*Strengthening hair
*Promoting weight loss

50-100mg twice a day after food/ As directed by the physician.

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