Rasagandhi mezhugu 100 gms


DOSAGE: Consume 1-2 capsules twice daily after taking meals, or as directed by the physician.
BENEFITS: Rasagandhi Mezhugu Capsules are used to cure various types of diseases such as skin diseases, arthritis, joint or muscle pain, fissures, fistula, piles, penile cancer, and many more. The capsules help one to lower the itching and irritation of skin observed in the case of skin disease.
INGREDIENTS: Karbogi, Turmeric, Cardamon, Haritaki, Vayambu, China root, Thippili, Kostam, valuluvai arisi, Masikay, etc..
CATEGORY: Mezhugu Fungisol oinment 25 gms


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Ingredients: Kodiveli ver pattai, Amukkara kizhangu, Pirappan kizhanguver, Aaakaasa garudan kizhangu, Thaaleesapathiri, Parangi pattai, Lead monoxide, Elemental sulphur, Arsenic trisulphide, Mercurous chloride

Dosage: 100 -200 mg twice a day with palm jaggery, or as directed by the physicia.

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