Pittasura kudineer chooranam 100 Gms


Cures 21 types of fever | Jaundice | Asthma| Cough
DOSAGE:?Take 3 gm of chooranam and add 300ml of water. Boil and reduce to 30ml. Filter the decoction and take twice a day (or) as directed by the physician
BENEFITS:?“Pitha sura kudineer chooranam is useful for treat 21 types of azhal surangal (all type of fever due to pitha disorders) It balances all three doshas, It has antipyretic and allergic, and anti-oxidants properties it has removes excessive pitta (heat) from the body It is widely used in treating liver disorders, jaundice, asthma, cough and fever etc It has uses in treating indigestion, abnormal colic, nausea, poisoning anorexia “


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Ingredients: Lemon grass, Indian stinging nettle, Bilwa root, Patala, Liquorice, Cumin seed, Indian goose berry (Nellikai)

Dosage: Take 5 gm of chooranam add 300 ml of water. Boil and reduce to 30 ml. Filter the decoction and take twice a day (or) As directed by the Physician.

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