Ponnavarai chooranam 100 Gms


It used to cure disorders found in the urinary tract. It is useful for skin fissures, scabies, Constipation,Wasp sting,Insect bite,Rashes. It helps to lower the inflammation and treat any kind of bacteria found in the urinary tract.
DOSAGE:?Dosage: 1 or 2gms mix with water after food two times a day?


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Cassia occidentalis (Wh.Pl.) 100%

Poonnavari chooranam is useful  for Malakkattu (Constipation), kaalkaivalipugal (epilepsy), and valipugal (covlusion), kaaichal (fever), irumal ( cough/ bronchitis) Vaitied conditions of vatam and pitham, Sori (skin diseases such as itches), and Sirangu (scabies), Thol vedippu / Saruma vedippu (skin fissures), Twak udhiral / Thole udhiral (scaly and exudative skin), and Mega pudaigal (veneral rashes), Thole thadippu / Thole kandukandaka thadiththal (Rashes), and Neenga thinavu (acute itching),Kanakkadi / Poochchikadi / vandu kadi (wasp sting/insect bite) and araikaduvan.

Dosage: to 2 gms with water or milk after food at bedtime or as directed by the physician.

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