Vallarai Chooranam 50 Gms


Improves Eye Sight | Diabetes mellitus | Burning eyes | Syphilitic ulcer .
DOSAGE:?Dosage : 1-2 grams with warm water twice a day (or) as recommended by physician
BENEFITS:?Reduce stress, anxiety, manage symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, boost memory power, improve immune system and relieve pain due to arthritis. It enhancing brain activity and nervous system functioning. It reduces stress and anxiety by decreasing the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. It is rich in Iron, Calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and minerals. It can help relax the blood vessels of your eyes and promote eye health. Moreover, it improves your focus and acts as a memory booster.


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Vallarai 100%

*Memory loss: Vallarai Chooranam is a natural memory booster. It can help to improve memory, concentration, and learning ability.

*Anxiety and depression: Vallarai Chooranam has calming and relaxing properties. It can help to reduce anxiety and depression.

*Inflammation: Vallarai Chooranam has anti-inflammatory properties. It can help to reduce inflammation in the body, which can be helpful for conditions such as arthritis, gout, and psoriasis.

*Wound healing: Vallarai Chooranam has wound-healing properties.
It can help to speed up the healing of cuts, scrapes, and burns.

*Skin health: Vallarai Chooranam is good for skin health. It can help to improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and fight acne.

*Hair health: Vallarai Chooranam is good for hair health. It can help to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

3-6gms twice a day after food / As directed by the physician.


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