Ashvagandha Tablet 60 No’s


General wellness | Nervine tonic | Sexual Wellness .
DOSAGE:?1 Tablet twice per day (or) As per advised by physician
BENEFITS:?“It may helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Also known as Indian Ginseng. Increases energy, stamina and endurance. Rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants this powder is infused with protein, carbohydrates, fibre, calcium and vitamin c. It possesses potent antioxidant properties as well. Boosts immunity ashwagandha helps to boost immunity and makes the body sturdier to fight against regular infections. A lot of people today suffer from a very low immunity which makes them prone to catch seasonal infections. Ashwagandha has natural analgesic and anti inflammatory properties which make it a very effective herb for old age Aids in muscle growth ashwagandha has been found to be useful in improving the muscular strength of the lower limbs and helping recover weakness. It is traditionally been prescribed to help people strengthen their immune system. It is often referred to as “”Indian ginseng”” because of its wonderful rejuvenating properties.”


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Benefits Of The Various Parts Of The Plant:
The analgesic and antioxidant properties of the leaves of ashwagandha are used for treating a viral infection, cough and cold symptoms, fever and chronic pain.
Flowers and Seeds:
Ashwagandha flowers have potent diuretic and aphrodisiac properties which is used for improving fertility and treating kidney problems such as kidney stones.
The seeds, on the other hand, have anthelminthic properties and are used for preventing and treating infectious diseases and parasitic invasions.

The roots are the most crucial part of the plant and are mostly used in various formulations. The root has potent aphrodisiac, diuretic, anti-helminthic, antioxidant, anti-depressant, anti-diabetic properties and are hence used for treating neural problems, diabetes, constipation, infertility, skin disorders, etc.
Herbal Extract : Made with Authentic 250 Gm of Pure Ashvagandha root extract.

How to use:
Take 1 or 2 tablets after food as suggested by your Physician.

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