Arakku thailam


Veppu (A type of Pitha disorder), Udal Kaduppu (Body pain), Ellunairu (Morning Headache), Padunairu (Evening Headache), Thalaichoolai (A type of Head disease), Kattralai Nattram (Bad Odour of the body), Era Veekkam (Gingivitis), Thondai Kammal (Pharyngitis), Suvasakasam (Bronchial Astham), Rathathin Murivu (A type of Anaemia), Pandu (Anaemia), Kulirsuram (Fever with rigor), Natpatta Suram (Chronic fever).
DOSAGE:?For external application only as directed by physician
INGREDIENTS:?lac, water, seasum, milk , rice, curd, sadalwood, wild turemeric, kuth root, cinammom stem, basil leaf , licorice, spikenerd, white turmeric, bitter root, cardamom, soya, thick leaf lavender, cumin, black cumin, giant taro, indian madder

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Thanneer ( Water )- Promotes Faster Healing
Pasumpal -It is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties, which reduces redness and inflammation in the skin
Nalla Ennai (Sesame oil )-Moisturizes Dry Skin
Santhanam (sandalwood)- helps nourish the skin, improve the elasticity of skin cells, even out skin tone
Kasthuri Manjal (turmeric)-Kasturi manjal heals a host of skin ailments.
Karunseeragam – anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antiseptic properties

Directions for usage:
External application only. Used as a bathing oil.

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